Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bedroom DIY Project

It is finally done. My bedroom feels perfect. It completely represents me. It is clean, fresh, and welcoming. Everyday when I walk inside of it, I feel completely content. My mind feels cleansed like it does when I walk outside on a cold day in inhale the faultless, crisp, air. I am able to relax on my new bed and melt deep into my smooth white duvet. It makes me feel like I am lying on a puffy cloud. When I am studying, I am able to sit comfortably at my new desk and look out at fern coloured trees and a deep, blue sky.

When I first thought about re-doing my bedroom, I wanted to go with the colour scheme, white, red and hot pink. However getting a hot pink desk, proved a lot more difficult than I first gathered, so it has ended up more of a red and white room ... and I love it!


I first started my DIY room project with one of the least expensive jobs, turning my former desk into a book shelf. I used the top two shelfs for all books I could dig out around the house, and then the bottom shelf I have organised so it keeps all my study books for different subjects.

After I had purchased my wooden crates for the bed base and painted them white, my next job was to assemble them together in my room. It took a good lot of effort and a strong father to deliver them up the stairs and to my room, but they made it there eventually. 

I then added in my home painted red chair, and big white trestle table desk. It was so exciting, to be finally putting my room together. I began decorating as soon as possible after. I bought some gorgeous (and yes, fake) pink flowers and put them on my desk. I alined my desk with some cute Kiki.k, red accessories to stick with the theme. And finally added the stationary. 

However, when my mum and I took one last look at the room, we realized that their was still a completely bare area in the middle of the room, which looked slightly odd. So we came to the conclusion that a need a cute little mat. And from that decision, the fluffy, red mat was born. 

A little while ago, I showed my dad a picture from tumblr of this gorgeous painting and asked him a gigantic favour; I asked if he would be able to paint one similar for my room. My mother loved the idea and my dad said yes! Yay, for me. In the end it turned out wonderfully, and I absolutely love looking at it. 

So finally the bedroom DIY project is complete, and I am so happy with the way it has turned out. 

Lots of Love