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Charlotte Hunter is young 15 year old girl that fell in love with fashion, food, travel and writing at a young age. She is currently a student that lives in the small country New Zealand, and when she leaves school she wants to study design and writing at an amazing American University. She loves designing, anything from houses, to interiors, to fashion garments.

She is a part time model for Clyne Model Management and adores everything about the modelling industry. One of her wildest dreams is to become a successful and famous model when she is older. She is also devoted to High Jump; an event in Athletics Track and Field. After watching the Women's High Jump at the 2012 London Olympics, she is now determined to be a part of the Rio, 2016, New Zealand Olympic Team.

Charlotte is a girl with many endeavors. Her biggest hope in life is to live a fulfilled and happy life with no regrets.      She created this blog in July 2012 and hopes that anyone who stumbles across it one day will enjoy scrolling through endless posts about fashion, food, travel and her adventures through life.


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