Sunday, 14 October 2012

Australia: Week One

Hello Everyone, I am sorry for the lack of posting recently but I was away for two weeks on a family vacation in Australia, so I decided to do two posts for each week I was away about what I did in Australia :) 

The shopping in Australia was so amazing, I ran out of money a lot faster than I thought I would. In the first few days I was there I bought these gorgeous lilac coloured jeans - I adore this colour now! - and this simple but lovely white, Elwood t-shirt. 

The sea was extremely beautiful, the water was a perfect blue and it glistened in the sun. 

My little sister has recently taken up surfing as her most favourite sport and for her birthday my parents bought her this amazing surf board, with colourful patterns on the back.

I discovered these picture perfect roses with a cute, mini, blackboard that had the price written on it. 

These are honestly the most amazingly seasoned french fries I have ever tasted, sweet but savory, from my favourite cafe and restaurant Aromas.

A gorgeous sunset one night.

Lots of Love


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