Tuesday, 24 April 2012

5 ways to relax and let go

For me the school term has only just started and I know it can become very stressful, it is for me already! I like to know that I can relax and let go by trying out these 5 simple ideas. 

Firstly why don't you go up to the local library and rent out a good old girly book. Then find a quiet space away from your busy normal day life. Maybe you want to find a nice comfortable blanket and lay outside in the sun to read that new book. 

You could also take a nice warm bath and add a hint of flavour. You might even like to light some candles around the bath to add to the relaxing atmosphere. Maybe even read your new book while relaxing in it as well. 

Another option is taking a lovely stroll through a park near your house or just walking around the block. It is always nice taking in the scenery and soaking up the sun on a nice day. You could even stop at a cute little ice cream parlor and enjoy the coldness of a tasty ice cream. 

Why not treat yourself and go out for lunch with some of your close friends at a lovely hotel. Enjoy not having to worry about what food is in your cupboards and what you can make. All you need to do is order whatever you want off the menu. What about a Devenshire Tea?

Try a bit of Yoga. Miranda Kerr does yoga every morning and it is a lovely way to relax and forget about what is going on in the world around you. It is also exercise and is a way to keep you fit, while keeping you relaxed at the same time. 

So if you ever feel like relaxing and letting go, try all these simple and fun things and I guarentee you will be relaxed in no time. 


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