Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Eager for exercise

Not many people in the world get out of bed and say " Yay time to do some exercise ! " because honestly exercise is not always fun. But there are lots of ways to enjoy exercising and look forward to it everytime you decide you need it :) 

Why not go for a bike ride on a sunny day. This is good exercise and lots of fun. 

If you need to go for a run but really don't want to, ring up a friend and see if she wants to come too. 

Go for a swim at the local pool or if you have a pool at home go for a swim there, this is relaxing and great exercise.

Why not go rollerblading. This is so much fun and still counts as exercising.

Do some dancing, this will make you break a sweat but is lots of fun!

So next time you don't want to exercise, become motivated and find a fun way to do it! 


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