Friday, 8 June 2012

Planning your Birthday

Recently on Monday, the 4th of June it was my birthday :) It was a gorgeous day full of wonderful gifts and lovely people! So if you are planning your birthday here is a list of things you need to think about!

Everyone needs a good guest list for their party and for that you need some invitations!
Have a look at these gorgeous invitations from alannarose!

All parties need a cake! Try these divine looking cakes from Cupcakes Couture, don't they look delicous!

Now if you want to go out for dinner, then you need a good restaurant! What about this gorgeous restaurant called 8 at the Langham Hotel! It has eight different different interactive kitchens from places around the world! Imagine going all around the world in one night!

Maybe you want to go out for a tea party? At the Langham there is a winery where you can have Tiffins Afternoon Tea! Doesn't it just sound divine!

Parties are so much fun and planning them is wonderful! I recently had my birthday party too! We went out to the movies and saw the hilarious comedy "What to expect when you're expecting". It was so funny! We then got all dressed up like dolls and went out for dinner at the restaurant 8 and the Langham Hotel! It was such an amazing experience! And the food was like nothing I have ever had before!


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