Friday, 24 August 2012

A Weekly Fantasy: Be A Friend and Make a Friend

Over the past year, I have really been struggling with my friendships and having friends that I knew would be there for me. So I changed my way of thinking and instead of it being other peoples problems, decided that nothing would ever get better unless I changed the way I thought of it and the way I was acting. So after changing my way of thinking things have begun to get better, and I am thinking more positively and happily.

So the Weekly Fantasy for this week is to be a better friend to people around me and then to hopefully make new friends. What is life without your friends? Not a good one ... trust me. Friends are there for you when you need comforting, when you need someone to talk too, when you need someone to support you, and of course when you need to have some fun. So get out there and do the same, make some new life long friendships :)

Lots of love


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