Thursday, 23 August 2012

Handing you Happiness

Take a minute to sit back, relax and truely think about what happiness means to you. Does it mean going for a walk on a sunny day or spending some quality time with friends and family or even just lying down and listening to the birds wake up and sing to you in the morning? 

I know that for me happiness means watching the sunset light up the world in colours that are nearly impossible to re-create, it means spending some time with my mum and having a nice chat, it means baking something that I am proud of, that I can then sit down and eat while full of joy, it means treating myself to something from my favourite shop, it means designing something new and beautiful to me. 

The list doesn't stop there but if I told you everything we would be here for days. Now think about what you enjoy and make a list for yourself. Do something from that list everyday and give yourself something to look forward too. Happiness is the key to life. 

Lots of love


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