Friday, 3 August 2012

Achieve An Organized Life

I am one of those people that tries to be organized and does for about a week and then I stop completely and everything gets messy again! But now with Kikki k's organization tips I am so excited to start my new organized lifestyle! So I have decided to let you know all about these gorgeous ideas about how to de-clutter your life!

1. Create a Vision Board:

A vision board is a place full of inspiration. It holds your creativity, and all your passions! You can fill it up with lots of motivating photos of people you look up to, things you love and just generally pretty photos! You can add your goals for the year and dreams for the future! You can add beautiful coloured ribbon and hang up cards people have sent you! You are free to design it any way you want, let your mind free! I am planning to buy this Kikki k. Vision board, which is a gorgeous white wooden framed pinboard.

2. Get the right desk accessories and tools.

To be organized you need to have helpful and gorgeous tools for your desk. A calender is a must as you can write down all your dates such as birthdays, parties, familly events, school work hand in dates, the list could go on! You also need some gorgeous magazine holders, which you can hold really anything in, from school notes to little extras that you need or have no where to put. Of course you need the essential pencils, pens and a stationary holder as well! Kikki.k has lots of pretty stationary that I know would add the perfect dash of colour to your desk.

3. Start a Weekly Habits book.

This book is a place where you can just make a change and stick too it! It gives you the opportunity to find those nasty little habits that you can never get rid of and finally leave them behind. You can use any plain book or you can use Kikki.k's Weekly Habit Pad.

4. Get A Diary and Start Using It.

By getting a diary you will be able to keep track of every little thing that you need to remember such as school homework, little jobs that need to be done such as the shopping or buying a birthday present for your friend or family. A diary is so handy and I know that I have had one before and I just didn't use it, but motivate yourself to become an organized person by using one of these gorgeous diaries from Kiki.k you could even get a plain one and cover it in your own photos!!

There are lots absolutely divine ways to organize your life you just need to finally get started and it will lead on from there. Have fun!


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