Monday, 17 September 2012

Weekly Fantasy: Keep a Diary

Keeping a diary is something that I know I have always wanted and tried to do, yet seem to fail at it everytime. Diaries are so intriguing, a book full of secrets about who you have a crush on, all the cheeky things you have done in your lifetime and all your feelings. In actual fact diaries can be whatever you want them to be; you can write down your emotions in them, or you can write down your goals, or you can write what you do everyday! It's up to you. 

Ever since I was a toddler, just learning to puts my thoughts onto paper, I have wanted to write a diary. Unfortunately I have never been able to keep writing in one for long enough without forgetting about it. I realized that I was trying to write things that are expected to be in a journal / diary and not what I really wanted too. Diaries shouldn't be a burden, you should want to write in them. You don't have to write everyday, just enough so that it is reasonably up to date. 

So my weekly fantasy for this week is to start writing a diary about whatever I want, whenever I want. After all, it is healthly to let your feelings out and not keep them bottled up inside you right? So I want to know, have any of you ever kept or have a diary? 

Lots of Love


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