Tuesday, 11 September 2012


There are so many things that I really want this year, but there is no way I can have them all! This is my ultimate wishlist with everything on it that I have ever wanted. I am obsessed with togs, and I mean obsessed. I always buy bikinis ... even in the middle of winter! 


1. Deep Freeze Crazy Tortoise Karen Walker Sunglasses

2. Gamercy Grand Kate Spade Watch

3. The hot pink fluro cambridge satchel

4. Zinke Starboard one piece 

5. Kate Spade hot pink sandals

6. Split Skinny Black/White Rag and Bone jeans

7. Sky Blue Cruiser Bicycle

8. ASOS Metal Bar Envelope Clutch

9. Topshop Canvas Studded Slippers, White

Lots of Love


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