Friday, 2 November 2012

Instagram Love

Hello Everyone, 
I am so sorry for not posting very much in the last few weeks. I have exams in a week and I have been quite stressed out, studying a lot of the time. I promise I will do lots of posts as soon as the exams are over! I have had a little bit of time to do a few things though and they have been a great relief from all the studying. 

In one of my study breaks I quickly went outside to enjoy the ... sunshine! It finally felt like summer was coming after a horrible, cold and rainy winter. 

One night I was lucky enough to hang out with one of my friends and we made these gorgeous cupcakes. We were quite proud as I swear I have never tasted an actual cupcake as tasty and light and fluffy as those.

As a treat, my mum gave me this gorgeous 2013 Day Planner from Kiki.k. It is so cute and I just can't wait to start using it!

It was one of my good friends birthdays this week and after school we went out to this gorgeous little cafe and ordered these delicate cupcakes - Red Velvet and Chocolate. What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday. 

I finally got the new Russh Magazine featuring Miranda Kerr that I have been wanting to buy for a while now. I can't wait to sit back, relax and read it sometime soon. 

Lots of Love

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