Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Christmas Corner

It is that time of year again. The time where all the world comes together to celebrate one day in so many exotic, fun, different ways. The time of year where shops are lit up with brights lights, children hang their stockings waiting patiently for Santa and leave on the fire place milk and cookies. 

Yes, it is a month until Christmas and I am so excited. Christmas is my favourite time of year, it is better than my birthday, it is better than Easter, it just makes me so happy. There are so many things that everyone does to celebrate Christmas, such as doing Secret Santas, buying presents for family and friends, writing a Christmas wish list, doing Christmas baking and of course holding festive celebrations and parties. 

Since Christmas is my favourite time of year, I have decided to have a series of posts about different things you can do at Christmas time and lots of fun ways to celebrate this merry time of year. It is going to be called The Christmas Corner and will give all of you the chance to celebrate Christmas in lots of different ways. 

Hope you enjoy.

Lots of love

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