Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Flawless Holiday Read

I have recently been struggling finding that perfect novel that I can completely and utterly dissolve in, whilst lying out in the sun and enjoyed what is left of the sunshine. However I took a small trip to the library last week and found an author called Belinda Jones. Formally a magazine journalist and travel editor, she has currently written 9 novels based on all her experiences and adventures in different places around the world. She has visited over 25 different in her life so far and plans to write about all of them. 

I am currently reading her latest book; California Dreamers. I have really enjoyed reading this book as it is so interesting and I am able to just let my mind wander into each chapter. It may not be the most realistic plot line in the world, but I am certainly enjoying the fact that I can dream and hope that similar things might happen to me.

Belinda Jones also has her own website which tells you about her books, her life and anything interesting she thinks you need to know. Take a look at it here. I hope you enjoy her books as much as I do.

Lots of Love

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