Friday, 18 January 2013

The Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom is meant to be your sanctuary. The place that you feel completely and utterly safe in, the place that you can call your own and the place that feels like home. My bedroom has always been slightly off, and I have never felt like it was my own. Finally, I made a decision to use some of my savings and give it a complete makeover. I cannot wait for it to all come together once and for all!

Tumblr has been my main source of creativity with the different ideas for my new room. I have been forever scrolling through photos of rooms for things that I think might look decent in my own. Overall I have taken ideas from just a few photos and have decided on my overall colour scheme as being white, pink and red. I am all for as much daylight in my room as possible so I decided that white would be the best option for that and then wanted a pop of colour, so used my favourite colour combination of pink and red. 

When I first saw this photo on tumblr, I just knew that I had to incorporate some aspect of this lovely bedroom setup in my own. I ended up deciding that I would place my own bed in one corner of my room as well, so it would, in a way, be like a couch bed. 

When I came across this photo on tumblr, I loved the authentic look of the mattress lying on top of these crates to form the bed. I then thought about how I could incorporate that into my bedroom and decided that my own mattress could lay on them in the corner, however I would paint them white to match the colour scheme. 

For my duvet, I decided on a completely plain, white duvet cover with no patterns at all, with two white pillow cases, and two red pillow cases. Then I saw this photo and decided to also get a large amount of small pillows coloured in red and pink to decorate the bed with. 

Whenever I study at home, I have to be in full daylight, on a wide open desk, in a wide open space. Currently the only place that suits me in my house is the kitchen/living room, dining table ... of course my mother is completely against it, so she suggest me getting a trestle table desk, similar to the one above. I would position it right by the window in my room, for maximum daylight. 

When I fell upon this photo, I was curious to how I could incorporate this in my bedroom. I quickly decided that instead of a white trestle table desk, I could get a hot pink one similar to the photo and have a red chair. I loved the idea! 

All together my room is coming together nicely, but there is of course a budget that I have to stick too. I am paying for it all myself, and finding different ways around the awful prices I have come to find. For example, I found an old wooden chair in our garage that I have decided to sand down and paint red. I am also going to (hopefully, with the help of my father), make my own desk. So everything has been done within a strict budget, which has actually made it all the more exciting, especially since I am doing it all myself.  A little DIY project. It really isn't too hard, and anyone can do it. So try it yourself if you have time and want a change!

Lots of Love

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