Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Summer Playlist

Music creates a whole other world. Whenever I listen to a song, I am able to zone out of the world that I am living in and for a few minutes live somewhere else. It makes me happy, sad, lost, and lonely all at the same time. It makes me feel so many different emotions, including my own. 

Over the summer holidays I have been listening to music continuously; whilst I am exercising, on long car trips, in the shower, whilst waiting for someone ... the list could go own and on. There are certain songs that just seem to never get old, mainly because when I first starting listening to them I was happy and experiencing new things. 

So here is my Summer Playlist of 2012/2013. 

1. Haven't Met You Yet, by Michael Bublé.
2. Hey Stephen, by Taylor Swift.
3. Who'd Have Known, by Lily Allen.
4. Won't Go Home Without You, by Maroon 5.
5. Your Song, by Ellie Goulding.
6. Somethin' Special, by Colbie Caillat. 
7. White Horse, by Taylor Swift.
8. Mountain and the Sea, by Ingrid Michaelson.
9. I Love It, by Icona Pop.
10. 22, by Taylor Swift. 

All these songs, I can completely relate to and make me feel so alive and different. I hope you like them too. 

Lots of Love

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