Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Diamond Wedding

It is was grandparents diamond wedding anniversary recently and they are celebrating it by holding a dinner party with all their closest friends and family. Your diamond wedding anniversary means that you have been married to your partner for 60 years! Wow, I definately hope that one day, I will have my own diamond wedding anniversary. 

Anyway my grandmother used to be a fashion designer and she wanted all her grand-daughters to buy a pretty, new dress to wear on her special night of celebration. Over the past month I have been searching for the perfect dress that both my grandma and I like. Unfortunately I hadn't had much luck until my little, weekend away for a high jump competition in Dunedin with my mum. I went into the shop called Ruby and discovered this gorgeous dress by the brand Keepsake. It is called the "Up in the Clouds Dress". As soon as I saw the pattern on it, I feel in love with it and ... it was in the price range!! Yay! So I bought it, and can't wait to wear it this weekend :)  

Lots of Love

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