Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy for Holidays

Wow, it has been an amazing year. So many interesting and different things have happened, some good but some bad as well. I have learnt so many new things this year at school, made new friends, lost old friends and discovered things about myself. But I must admit, the summer holidays, honestly couldn't have come any slower. By the time school finally finished, I was exhausted and in much need of a long break away from any school work. 

My plans for the holidays vary from family holidays, family parties/get togethers, hanging out with friends, reading books in the sun, lying on the beach, pampering myself, breakfast in bed and of course shopping. My family and I are travelling to a small little beach in New Zealand for a while and then escaping to the hot weather of the Gold Coast in Australia. 

I really hope that you all enjoy your holiday that you have ahead of you, whether it be during the winter and in the snow or during the summer and in the heat. I would love to hear about your plans for these holidays too and how your year of 2012 has been :) 

Lots of Love

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